How Much Does it Cost

Our mortgage services are free. Yes, you heard it right. Jaspreet Bansal, licensed mortgage professional, provides free-of-cost services, from your first consultation to signing the mortgage. However, ancillary fees are involved for the most challenging credit solutions, and we have a transparent payment policy. Let us look at some of the charges that we levy on our clients.

Finders Fee-

Mortgage brokers do not charge any fee from clients, except in certain exceptional situations. Our most standard mortgage payment is the Finders Fee, wherein we charge a minimal percentage of the total mortgage amount.

Broker Fee –

Our mortgage professionals charge a small fee if your case needs the assistance of a private lender or a private financial institution that does not have a finder’s fee agreement with the brokerage.

Lender Fee –

Some lenders who are specialized in borrowing to those who have bruised credit, or files require special exceptions, charge their own fees on the top of the mortgage. They usually charge 1%-4% and pay a portion of fee to the mortgage professionals.

Cash Back –

Some of our top lenders also have a cashback mechanism for their clients. It is noteworthy to remember that cashback is a feasible way for mortgage professionals to receive their due compensation instead of a lender or broker fee. In this case, the lender will pay the broker 1% of the funded mortgage amount and increase the rate to the borrower by .2% or .25% depending upon their policy. The increase in the interest rate is what compensates the broker and is paid over the term of the mortgage. With this type of mortgage it is important to understand that the mortgage penalty will be higher

If you are looking for an in-depth cost of your consultation with Jaspreet Bansal, check our rates calculator. We have access to a myriad of reputable lending institutions so that you get the best options possible and the optimal mortgage products to align with your distinct needs. Jaspreet Bansal prides herself on offering top-quality mortgage services to her clients at competitive costs.